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TODO is pretty well done for 1.4

November 6th, 2019

I have marked off Replicant/Slave mode off my TODO file as DONE. Now all that remains is testing, refactoring and minor changes.

For 1.4.0 release
- a github mirrored copy
- fix the DNSSEC code so that a KSK key rollover is allowed     [DONE]
- TSIG support would still be nice                              [DONE]
- CAA RR support
- More ciphers for signing (GOST, ECDSA, Elliptic Curves)       [ECDSA DONE]
- Slave AXFR mode (with TSIG)                                   [DONE]
- Redo TCP support                                              [DONE]
You may remember that I applied for a grant last year and this disturbed the release cycle with the 1.3 release being done in summer. So I didn't get the grant, but I did get more time to write on delphinusdnsd (1.5 release cycles) in order to get back to ta winter release cycle. These are the major goals set and (mostly) completed. If you want to see where things were and where we're going then look up the TODO file in the CVS repo.

Also I may put this out now, the 1.5 release will be mostly bug fixes but little new features as I'm catching a breather. It may also be a time for others to contribute patches and possibly join development. The 1.6 release will be much stronger as I plan to add the feature of DNS Updates and possibly fix replicant mode so that delphinusdnsd doesn't have to restart upon a successful AXFR. It also depends how much time I got I guess. That's what's on the menu though. I plan to be writing on delphinusdnsd until I'm 59, so there is still time to perhaps get it done some day this adds another 15 years to development life.

comment from Peter J. Philipp at Fri, 24 Jul 2020 09:03:44 +0000(1595581424)

Well turned out that 1.5 release will have major features! yay fate!



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