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Delphinus DNS is a non-caching, non-recursing DNS server that serves authoritative answers for A, AAAA, CNAME, DNSKEY, DS, MX, NAPTR, NS, NSEC3, NSEC3PARAM, PTR, RRSIG, SOA, SRV, SSHFP, TLSA, and TXT resource records. It serves both on IPv4 and IPv6.

A delphinusdnsd can only be a master and it will AXFR/IXFR transfer with DNS notify on a non-dns port. When in a homogenious setup of only delphinusdnsd's an rsync zone transfer is recommended.

Delphinusdnsd is able to restrict answers to a hash of an IP/IPv6 between 1 and 127 packets per second. Unfortunately due to the algorithm of this the more pps you ratelimit the higher the memory footprint of delphinusdnsd.

Delphinusdnsd is developed on the OpenBSD Operating System. Ports to FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Linux exist. It is written in the C programming language. It was developed while the main programmer lived in Germany, European Union.

The name "delphinus" was picked in honor of a constellation in the northern hemispheres summer night sky. The logo on this webpage is actually an overlay of an actual photo taken of this constellation, so it is to scale. Since delphinus has weird names for its stars such as Rotanev and Sualocin which were named by an Italian astronomer after his own name, delphinusdns then fits as being a weird name-server. Lastly dolphins are an interesting species on earth, do they utilize call-names one may wonder?