DDDCTL(8) System Manager's Manual DDDCTL(8)


dddctlcontrol and manage delphinusdnsd


dddctl command [arg ...]


The dddctl utility is used to control, manage and sign delphinusdnsd (zone files)
The commands are as follows:
bindfile zonename zonefile
Convert a delphinusdns.conf(5) zonefile to BIND format with the specified zonename domain name.
configtest [configfile]
Test the entire config, alternatively you can test a delphinusdns.conf(5) config file by specifying such a file.
help [command]
provides an in-binary help. Alternatively you can specify a subcommand to provide help for. Ie. dddctl help sign.
sign [-KZ] [-a algorithm] [-B bits] [-e seconds] [-I iterations] [-i inputfile] [-k KSK] [-m mask] [-n zonename] [-o output] [-S pid] [-s salt] [-t ttl] [-z ZSK]
performs signing operations on a zonefile for DNSSEC operations.
create a new KSK key.
create a new ZSK key.
-a algorithm
use algorithm (integer).
-B bits
use number of bits (integer).
-e seconds
expiry in seconds.
-I iterations
use (integer) NSEC3 iterations.
-i inputfile
use the inputfile of unsigned zone.
-k KSK
use provided KSK key-signing keyname.
-m mask
run the following masked functions (used for debug).
-n zonename
run for zonename zone.
-o output
output to file, may be '-' for stdout.
-S pid
sign with this pid ('KSK' or 'ZSK' if used in conjunction with [-ZK]).
-s salt
salt for NSEC3 (in hexadecimal).
-t ttl
time-to-live for DNSKEY's.
-z ZSK
use provided ZSK zone-signing keyname.
sshfp hostname [-k keyfile] [-t ttl]
produces an SSHFP output on stdout in delphinusdnsd(8) format.
start [configfile]
starts delphinusdnsd(8) with an optional configfile.
stops delphinusdnsd by means of signal on a pidfile.
restarts delphinusdnsd by means of signal on a pidfile.


delphinusdnsd(8) delphinusdns.conf(5) named(8) nsd(8)


Peter J. Philipp <petphi@delphinusdns.org>
June 19, 2018 OpenBSD 6.3