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August 30th, 2020

September is almost around. Two things need to be done before I roll the 1.5.0 release.

  • I need to do another portcheck to see that Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD work
  • I want to move delphinusdnsd to a /var/delphinusdnsd directory as is done in the OpenBSD port (which hasn't been accepted afaik, but do that anyhow).
After that the 1.5.0 release is pretty much ready and I'll just be waiting for the OpenBSD 6.8 release so that I can release a few days after.

comment from Peter J. Philipp at Mon, 31 Aug 2020 05:14:48 +0000(1598850888)

Well #1 is almost done, it compiled fine on Linux.

comment from Peter J. Philipp at Tue, 01 Sep 2020 08:09:08 +0000(1598947748)

FreeBSD and NetBSD work too. so #1 is done.

comment from Peter J. Philipp at Sun, 06 Sep 2020 07:59:23 +0000(1599379163)

#2 is done as well.

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