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Very large databases

August 26th, 2020

I have filled delphinusdnsd with a dataset of 1.4 million AAAA records. The size in memory for this is 2.4 GB roughly. But the AXFR to such a database with its individual (in my case 1440) zones took close to 2 minutes. I have just committed code to shave this off to 2.4 seconds, a win-win.

However this changes the behaviour of delphinusdnsd. Before you could do:

zone "anything you like" {,a,3600,
This is not the way things work now. You MUST put in the zone name in zone "". Many people were doing this anyhow, but now it's a requirement.
zone "" {,a,3600,
This behavior will be downloadable in tomorrows snapshot (27th of August) and onwards, and will be in 1.5.0 delphinusdnsd.

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